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Fabry-Perot Substrates, Etalons & Controllers

Sodium and Mercury Fringes

IC Optical Systems Ltd are the premier manufacturer of high quality Fabry-Perot substrates, etalons and CS100 Controllers for use in spectroscopy, astronomy, Doppler wind lidar and many other industrial laboratory and field applications.

We specialize in very large aperture etalons with diameters up to 150 mm. Our ET Series etalons and CS100 controllers provide cavity setting and stabilisation to lambda/7500 with noise of <10pm/Hz

All etalons are manufactured to the highest standards of optical precision in order to meet the most demanding lifetime and survival needs. We have supplied both unmounted substrates and complete etalon systems for both ESA and NASA space missions, and industrial applications.

Etalon Types
  • Matched substrate pairs - working diameter up to 150 mm
  • Solid etalons - thickness from <0.5 mm to at least 100 mm
  • Optically contacted and fixed air gap etalons - fused silica or Zerodur spacers
  • Confocal etalons - matched mirror pairs with optionally contacted spacers
  • ET etalons and CS100 controllers